Hydrotec Company Profile

hydrotec consultants ltd:- was formed to provide the industry with specialised hydraulic guidance and confidence in design and reliability. As a company we specialise in the design and modelling of hydraulic structures for the water and wastewater industries. Our aim is to provide a comprehensive service, offering not only physical scale and computational modelling facilities, but also design capabilities, which encompass preliminary conceptual design through to detailed hydraulic design and independent hydraulic design auditing.

The designs of a wide range of hydraulic structures result in a complex fluid flow distributions, which cannot be readily modelled by mathematical means. Whilst the use of a similar previous designs and generic design guides, such as those for distribution chambers, can be useful in establishing structural layouts and approximate dimensions, relatively small dimensional changes and variations in the presentation and capacity of upstream flow can have significant effects on actual operation.  As such, modelling techniques are required to ensure a satisfactory environment is achieved.

Examples where the nature and distribution of flow is critical in achieving efficient plant performance and reliability are all types of pumping stations. Poor presentation of flow to pump intakes, whether for submersible, vertical spindle, wet or dry-well pumps, clean or wastewater can result in pre-swirl, floor, wall and surface vortices. Phenomena such as these need to be eliminated, across the full range of pumped flows if efficient and reliable pump operation is to be achieved.

hydrotec has the specialist design and modelling capabilities to effectively predict full scale operating conditions. Our ability to simulate both free surface effects, e.g. weir distribution, air entrainment etc. and sub-surface performance, e.g. process stream mixing and submerged vortices, provides a powerful design tool which can be employed to minimise long term plant maintenance costs and the risk of un-programmed loss of plant availability.

With considerable experience gained within the industry we can provide workable solutions to existing hydraulic structures which operate in a manner deemed unsatisfactory.  Unforeseen adverse hydraulic conditions may exist, however, with the commissioning of a physical hydraulic model; these will be identified along with solutions and modifications to achieve and maintain an acceptable operating environment.  On such structures it is vital that our experience within the industry is implemented.  Live sites can be extremely difficult to access and fit modifications with possible health and safety issues arising.  We strive to work closely with our Clients to achieve a suitable conclusion without the need for significant alternations to the original structure.