Crossness Inlet Works

Crossness RAS & SAS PS

Beckton RAS / SAS Pumping Station

Crossness Ex. Screen Chamber

Crossness Low Level Inlet PS

Beckton RAS / SS - CFD

Thames Tideway

Falconbrook PS

Drop Shaft

Putney Off Line Drop Shaft

Ranelagh Off Line Drop Shaft

Work Package C

Work Package B

Earl Pumping Station

Fleet Drop Shaft

Yorkshire Water

Walshaw Dean Upper

Walshaw Dean Middle

Esholt Inlet Works

Boltby Reservoir

Leakage Demo Rig

Manhole Cover

Esholt FDC

Weir Pumps

Rock-a-Nore Intermediate PS

Rock-a-Nore Foul PS

Loch Promenade


Olkiluoto Pumping Station

Cantarell 5 PS

Ling Ao


Fort Cumberland Screening Plant

Kinloch Storm

Kinloch Foul

West Ham Drop Shaft T3

Gailes Pumping Station


Longford Transfer PS

Tottenham Low Level Pumping Station

Deephams High Level PS

Grit Tank FSB2

Grit Tank FSB1

Deephams PS - Supplementary Report


Dublin Bay MLPS

Bridge PS

Cardiff Canoe

Lopwell WPS

Broxbourne Canoe PS & DC

River Strule Abstraction

Muharraq PS


Crossness Low Level PS

Bough Beech PS

Crossness Inlet Works

Crossness RAS PS

Swansea Inlet Works


Little Marlow Inlet Works

Barking Pumping Station

Regional Pumping Station No. 1

Regional Pumping Station No. 2

Trade Pumping Station


Northumbria Water

Old River Tees – Burlam Sump

Old River Tees – Mandale Sump

Old River Tees – Overflow

Boltby Reservoir

Skinningrove PS



CSO Module


Naburn SBR Pumping Station

Emiliano Roma

Newman Road consultancy

Dhabeji PS


Jebel Ali Pumping Station

Quarry Green Pumping Station

Dan Region

Singapore Filtered Water PS


Toll House CSO & Storm PS

Toll house New Connection

North Shaft Drop Pipe

Scalby Mills Outfall PS

Belgrave Road PS & Discharge

Headworks Pumping Station

Belgrave Road CSO

Springfield Avenue CSO


Belfast Terminal Pumping Station

Puny Drain PS

Belle Greve Inlet Works

Belle Greve Pumping Station

Al Khumara EPS PS

Al Khumara Discharge Tower


Levenmouth Inlet Pumping Station

Levenmouth Outfall Pump Station

Levenmouth Inlet Works

Brokenbury PS

Biofor Backwash PS

Sandown Pumping Station

CFD Santiago Distribution Chamber

CFD flow distribution in grit tanks

CFD vortex study

Saidabad WTW

L’Ampolla Pumping Station

Grimmonpont PS

Bedford Pumps


Chingford Pumping Station

King George V Pumping Station

Whittle Dene and Horsley


Welches Dam Pumping Station

Wiseman’s Pumping Station

Keswick Storm Pumping Station

Clay Lake Pumping Station


TUAS II Pumping Station

Reservoir Intake Pumping Station

Sao Paulo Foul Sump

Sao Paulo Discharge Chamber

Sao Francisco River Intake PS

Intake PS

Sao Francisco River Intake PS

Aqua Tratada

Aqua Bruta

Fujairah Pumping Station

Pump Werk Herderbach PS


Kuwait A7 Pumping Station

Hale PS

Blackburn Screening Plant

Sandon FFFT Flumes

Birkenhead PS

Huyton Recirc Pumping Station

Huyton PS

Croston PS

Leigh Recirculation PS

Woolstone Low Lift PS

Fort Cumberland Storm Tank

Gruneisen Road Pumping Station

Fort Cumberland Inlet Tanks

Millbrook WTW – ASP PS

Millbrook WTW – ASP FDC

Claymills Interstage PS

Distribution Chamber



Princess Parkway PS

St Peter’s CSO

Temple Street CSO

Maida Vale Drop Shaft

Preston Terminal PS

Preston Outfall PS

Preston Shaft C1

Preston Additional Shaft C9

Norway Road PS

Gruneisen Road Discharge Chamber.

Claymills ASP FDC

Frankley CFD of Flow Blending

Frankley Pump suction Tank

Preston Outfall

Slowhill Copse Pumping Station

Preston Shaft C6

Minworth ASP FDC

Preston Terminal Pumping Station

Hoobrook Pumping Station

BAFF Flow Distribution Chamber

Preston Outfall Pumping Station

MANN244 Screen Overflow Chamber.

Partick Pumping Station

Millbrook WTW – FST FDC

Great Salterns Pumping Station

4 Delivery

United Utilities

Budds Farm


Canterbury & Cheeseman’s PS

Alsop’s Road PS


Fullerton Sand Filter

Fullerton Plastic Media

Fullerton Recirculation

Fairlee PS

Bambridge PS

Brambridge PS

Morestead FST FDC

Frederick Street PS

Chapel House Spillway

Meadley Spillway

Birkenhead PS

Lancaster Stodday PS

Wigan Distribution Chamber

Accrington CSO

Big Bang Tank

Sandon Dock SBR PS

Sandon Dock SBR FDC

Rossendale FDC

MAN 0123

Lytham Transfer Pumping Station

Sandon Balance Chamber

Heronbridge Pumping Station

King Street Pumping Station

Liverpool Inlet Pumping Station

Thames Water

Rye Meads PS

Hammersmith (1)

Hammersmith (2)

Putney Bride CSO

Swinford GAC Pumping Station

Crossness Screens

King George V Reservoir

West Ham

Lee Tunnel

Beckton Pumping Station

Outfall to Thames

Grit Transport Channel

Penstock Opening

High Level Connection


Tideway CFD

Tideway Tunnel Flushing

Deephams STW - PHPS

Tonbridge Inlet Works

Slough Inlet Works

Abbey Mills Screens

Hatfield Mill Green Inlet Works

Crossness Flume Calibration

Haydon End Pumping Station

Abbey Mills Station F

Black & Veatch

Margate Storm

Broadstairs Low Lift

Margate Transfer

Broadstairs Transfer

Weatherlees Transfer


Black Rock Pumping Station

Dublin Bay SBR

Lewes PS

Langdon Road



Ashton Ave PS

Mogden Intermediate PS

Mogden High Level Take Off Chbr.

Mogden Inlet Works

Bough Beech PS

Penwhirn Reservoir


Bangkok PS 850

Bangkok Influent

Bangkok PS 001

Derde Trap

Bangkok PS 020

Climespace Pumping Station


Knostrop SBR pumps

Derby Inlet PS

Gran Canal

Rio Hondo

Outfall Pumping Station

Knostrop Low Lift PS

Lemal Pumping Station

Loc-Thi Pumping Station

Prospect Reservoir PS


Barrio Sucra

Bayswater Pumping Station


Palm Jumeirah Raw Water PS

Wathba PS

Melbourne Inlet Pumping Station

Marquette Pumping Station

Severn Trent

Alcester STW (design study)

Llandinam PS

Minworth Study

Strongford Inlet Works


Minworth Inlet Works

Minworth Distribution Chamber

Minworth Inter-Stage PS


Green Lane


Green Lane PS

Minworth Inlet Forebay

Strongford Inlet Works

Minworth RAS PS

Ray Hall Storm Tanks - CFD

Strongford Inlet Works PS

Strongford Screw Discharge

Welm PS

Morgan Sindall

Chellow Inlet Works

Ayr Pumping Station

Ferry Lane Design Study

Belfast Screens

Esholt Flow Split

Esholt Distribution

Esholt RAS

Esholt CFD

Huddersfield ASP CFD

Huddersfield RAS PS

Huddersfield ASP PS

Belfast Sewers – Vortex Drops

Bristol Water

Purton RCC Pumping Station

Donaldson Associates

Gloucester Shaft Pumping Station


Brighton and Hove – Marine Drive

Brighton and Hove – Portobello

Brighton and Hove - Peacehaven

Peacehaven Screen Chamber


Jebel Ali

Ras Abu Fontas



RES Pumping Station

Galliford Try

Lincoln Intake PS


GCD Alliance

Gold Coast

Gold Coast Intake PS


Olympic Development

ODA Pumping Station


Pumping Station PS7

Petrofac Qatar

Mesaieed PS 4

Mesaieed PS 5

P J Tobin

Spencer Dock

Pump Centre

Gailes Pumping Station

Response Engineering

Maynooth Pumping Station


Seine Avall Outfall


Neuilly sur Marne Pumping Station

Al Khumra

Scottish Water

Ardgowan PS~


Weecher Reservoir

Moor Monkton

West Hull CFD Analysis

West Hull PS

South West Water

Plymouth Shaft 16 PS

Plymouth Distribution Chambers

Sandy Lane

North Sands

SPP Pumps

Booster Pumping Station Superyacht Load out Facility

Birse Civils

Lime Mixing + CWT (CFD)

Viking Pumps

Walkworth PS


Ferry Lane Design Study

Al Khumara EPS PS

Al Khumara Discharge Tower

Waterman Group

North Renfrew Pumping Station

A & J Water

Sludge Scrapper Development

Al Jaber

Pumping Station PS B06

Pumping Station PS NLC

Pumping Station PS-B01

Pumping Station PS7-B05

Wessex Water


Weston Super Mare PS

Avonmouth Screen Chamber


Pumping Station Aquapole

La Villette Pumping Station



Kindasa Booster Pumps

Kindasa Intake + Analysis

Kindasa Intake PS


Bretton Park Reservoir


SUEZ Pumping Station

Clyde Union

Yiangjiang PS

Hongyanhe PS


Ayr PS




Al Khumra Screen Chamber & PS

Al Khumra Outfall Chamber

Acciona Aqua

Adelaide Pumping Station

ACWa Services Ltd

Sharjah Pumping Station



Polder Soellingen PS


Talla Reservoir


Load out facility

Aker Kvaerner

Mezzanine PS (BNFL)

Welsh Water


Marafiq Pumping Station

Yanbu 2

Anglian Water


Balfour Beatty


Other Projects

MJ Gleeson - Seafield Secondary Pumping Station

MJ Gleeson Seafield RAS Pumping Station

MJ Gleeson Seafield Mixing Chamber

MJ Gleeson Seafield Detritors

MJ Gleeson Seafield Overflow

MJ Gleeson Naburn

Gleeson Katrine PS

Gleeson Queen St CSO

Gleeson Cartmell Drive CSO

Gleeson Sheepscar CSO

Gleeson Katrine Intake

Gleeson Bicester design study

Gleeson Frome Valley (consultancy)

MJ Gleeson Hampton Backwash Sump

MJ Gleeson Hampton Wastewater Sump

MJ Gleeson Hampton Backwash Tank Feed

MJ Gleeson Hull Inlet Works

AMEC Levenmouth Outfall Shaft

Miller Water Ayr Pumping Station

Miller Water Ayr Foul Pumping Station

Miller Water Ayr Storm Discharge

MWH Global - Bewsey Bridge Pumping Station

EMS - Palmahim PS

OTV - Az Zour Intake and Pumping Station

Optimise (MWH) - Swindon CSO

AMK - Deephams FTFT Pumping Station

AMK - Deephams Inlet Culvert

AMK - Deephams PST Flow Distribution

AMK - Deephams TT Plant

Mouchel - Gulley Flatts Pumping Station

Graham MWH - Dunmurry CSO – CFD Study

Bristol Water - Cheddar Pumping Station

Degremont - Grimmonpont PS

Carl Bro - Westwood Hall Farm

TJ Brent - Shutterton Bridge

Burroughs Stewart - White Hoe PS (Consultancy)

Burroughs Stewart - White Hoe Pumping Station

Mike Anderson - Boat stability

Faber Maunsell - Battery Park

Lesico - Netanya

Laing O’Rourke - Knostrop Mixing

Trant - Vazon

Mott Macdonald Bentley - Agden Spillway

Turmomeccanica - Jebel Ali II

Faber Maunsell - Countess Wear

Pell Frischmann - Fobney PS

Feljas & Masson - Poissy Drop Shaft

Earth Tech - North Bierley

Al-Kharafi - Egaila

Dean & Dyball - Ryde

Leeds City Council - Farnley Wood Beck

Montgomery Watson - Chichester PS

Montgomery Watson - Chichester Distribution Chamber

Earth Tech - Knostrop Overflow

Earth Tech - Deighton Inlet PS

Earth Tech - Deighton Inlet Works

Trant Construction - Bellegreve

Balasha-Jalon - Ayalon

Treatment System Services Ltd - Tobermaclugg

Kellogg, Brown and Root - Kurnell

Maunsell Australia - Sydney Desalination PS

Pell Frishmann - Beacon Hill CFD

Mekorot - Hadera

Earth Tech - Wheatley PS

ABS Pumps (France) - Palm Jumeirah Aeration Plant PS

Arup - East Hull PS

Earth Tec - Deighton Discharge Channel

Laing O’Rourke Ltd - Beckton PST PS

Mekorot - Hulda PS

Condotte Jordan - Ayla PS

Dean and Dyball - Polperro Pumping Station

EMS Mekorot - Heifetz Haim

TDJV - Melbourne Victorian Desal. SC

TDJV - Melbourne Victorian Desal. PS

Via Maris - Palmachin Pumping Station

Willow Pumps - Sandwich Storm PS

EMIT - Saadiyat Pumping Station

Mekorot - Ashdod Pumping Station

Hidrotecar - Seawater Intake PS

EMS Mekorot - Sorec Pumping Station

EMS Mekorot - Ashdod Pumping Station

EMS Mekorot - Kfar Uria Pumping Station

North Midland Construction PLC - Lyme Valley Storage Tank

Earth Tech Morrison - Sherburn – in – Elmet Screens

Brent - Radipole Lake PS

Norwest Holst - Leigh BAFF Feed Pumping Station

Dean & Dyeball - Marsh Farm Pumping Station

Dean & Dyeball - Marsh Farm Storage

Flowserve - Freckleton

Williams Industrial - River Bann Pumping Station

Entech - Walkworth

Earth Tech Morrison - Leeming Reservoir

Earth Tech Morrison - Doe Park Reservoir

Earth Tech Morrison - Hewenden Reservoir

IGE Services - Frome design study

Burroughs Stewart Athol Park Pumping Station

Parsons Brinkerhoff - Trade Coasts

Carl Bro - Midland Road PS

Earth Tech Morrison - Reva Spillway

Mowlem - Mansfield

Earth Tech Morrison - Eccup

Southern Water - Lion Point PS

ITT Sanitaire - Doha West Hydraulics

Wakefield DC - Castleford Weir

Entec - Marske Inlet PS

Montgomery Watson - Kirkgate CSO

WIS - Castor Bay Interstage PS

Via Maris - Palmachim Desalination PS

TJ Brent - Plimsoll CSO Pumping Station

Williams Industrial Services - Castor Bay Design Study

White Young Green - Castle Donnington PS

Birse - Sandon Backwash PS

Birse - Sandon Distribution

Harbour and General - Galley Hill Storm Water Pumping Station

West of Scotland Water - Ayr Foul and Storm Water Pumping Station

West of Scotland Water - Ayr Screening Plant

OTVB Limited - Budds Farm Effluent Pumping Station

OTVB Limited - Budds Farm Aeration Tank Distribution

OTVB Limited - Budds Farm Final Tank Distribution Chamber

Montgomery Watson - Seafield (design study)

Sandown Joint Venture - Sandown Inlet Works

Sandown Joint Venture - Sandown Outfall Pumping Station

Naston Limited - Caroni Raw Water Intake Pumping Station

Bullen Consultants - Pendle Water Flood Alleviation Scheme

Entec Howdon STW – Final Tank Distribution System

Mott MacDonald - Digley Reservoir Outflow Works

Miller Water - Hope Beach PS

Earth Tech - Knostrop pump inspection

EuroPump - Ilfracombe Storm PS

J Benn Associates - Demonstration rig

J Browne Construction - General Consultancy

Mowlem Civil Engineering - Ness Point Foul and Storm PS

Mowlem Civil Engineering - Ness Point Birds Eye PS

Mowlem Civil Engineering - Ness Point Outfall Tower

Mowlem Civil Engineering - Ness Point Outfall Analysis

Dean & Dyball Fairlee PS

COPA Edenbridge PS

Dean & Dyball Ryde Foul Pumping Station

Dean & Dyball Ryde Storm Pumping Station

P Trant Norton Pumping Station

P Trant Shalfleet Pumping Station

Bechtel Teggsnose and Bottoms

EuroPump Services Ltd Waterside Pumping Station

McNicholas Construction Services - Woodvale Transfer PS

McNicholas Construction Services - Woodvale Storm PS

McNicholas Construction Services - Cowes Transfer PS

Paterson Candy Ringsend Splitter Box

Hydrotec/Jeremy Benn CSO Chambers

EPS - Clevagh Headworks

Earth Tech - Bridlington Storm Pumping Station

Byzak - Kilsyth Storm Pumping Station

McNicholas Construction Services - Woodvale Transfer PS

McNicholas Construction Services - Woodvale Storm PS

McNicholas Construction Services - Cowes Transfer PS

Paterson Candy - Ringsend Splitter Box

Hydrotec/Jeremy Benn - CSO Chambers

Dean & Dyeball - Ryde Inlet PS

Brent M & E - South Balmossie

Williams Industrial Services - Dunore Point

Williams Industrial Services - Dunore Point Pump Station

Williams Industrial Services - Dunore Point Distribution Channel

Byzak - Croy Foul Pumping Station

Byzak - Croy Storage Tank

Arup Water - Bristol Storm Tanks PS

Waste Water Controls - Peel Pumping Station

William Nuttall - Birmingham Airport

Gilbert, Gilkes and Gordon - Gansey Pumping Station

Gilbert, Gilkes and Gordon - Harbour Pumping Station

Montgomery Watson - Swinford Pumping Station

P Trant - Monkton Mead

Burroughs - IRIS Design Study

Earth-Tech - Ramsdon Wood

Environment Agency - Marsh Weir

Earth Tech - Montrose design review

Miller Water - Chellow Pumping Station

Miller Water - Chellow Inlet Works

Jones Environmental - Corcanree PS

Mowlem - Galley Hill PS

Mowlem - Combe Haven PS

Flowserve Corporation - Broken Scar Relief PS

Brown & Root - Elvington High Lift

Jones Environmental - Corcanree Siphons

Southern Water - Broadstairs

Jeremy Benn Associates - Eller Beck

Gilkes - Ronaldsway

Gilkes - Silverburn

Harbour and General Works - Calder Vale Consultancy

Gilkes - Consultancy

Bowsprit - Cheam

Brightwater Engineering - Bury WWTW – BAFF Feed PS

Environment Agency - Cononley Flood Relief

PCI - Broken Scar Inlet

InterGen - Rock Savage consultancy

OTVB - Shoreham consultancy

EuroPump Services - Ilshan Valley

Earth Tech - Walshaw Dean consultancy

Ove Arup - Strathclyde Park consultancy

Mackley Ltd - Testwood Pumping Station

Birse - Davyhulme

Gilbert Gilkes and Gordon - IRIS design study

Rock Savage Power Company - Rock Savage PS

Earth Tech - Morrison - Leeshaw Reservoir

Montgomery Watson - Kuwait Pumping Station

Droicon - Lydney CSO

SADRA - Mobin PS

Pell Frishmann Water Ltd - Plymouth Shaft 16 - CSO

Southern Water - Hoo Pumping Station

Paterson Candy - Ardoch detritors

Entec - East Tanfield

Harbour & General - Millhouses CSO

Breheny - Worlds End

Montgomery Watson Harza - Beckton Design Study

Brent - Frome PS