Minworth Inlet works

Client: Severn Trent Water Limited
Scale: 1/12th

Minworth Inlet Works was constructed to supplement the existing Inlet Works at Minworth Wastewater Treatment Works serving Birmingham and the West Midlands. The Inlet Works comprises 8 No. 2.20 m wide fine screens (5 mm aperture, travelling band type), 4 No. 13 m diameter grit removal detritors (Dorr Oliver Type) and 6 No. distribution flumes, which feed the flow division chambers to 22 No. Primary Settlement Tanks (PST’s). The new Inlet Works receives foul inflow of up to 12.4 m3/s (Flow to Full Treatment FFT).

The purpose of the model test was to establish the operating characteristics of the proposed Inlet Works and to propose modifications, where considered necessary, to achieve a satisfactory hydraulic environment over the full range of anticipated inflows. The particular objectives of the model test investigation may be summarised as provision of the following:-

• Satisfactory fine screen approach conditions and flow division.
• Satisfactory fine screen operating environment.
• Satisfactory flow presentation and division to the detritors.
• Uniform flow conditions within the detritors.
• Satisfactory distribution flume approach conditions and flume operation.
• Adequate transport of solids throughout the Works, including all settleable suspended and floating solids within all channels.